Amik, is founded in 1996, with 21-year experience of heat transfer. We are developing from a family workshop toa big heat transfer factory at the top of domestic field. With the strong competition, it becomes an enterprise from four staff to more than 300 staff. With the leadership of CEO, Gery Smith, all people work together closely for decades and get out of a lot of difficulties and stand continuous successfully.
The products that Amik produced enjoy the popularity of well known brand in the heat transfer field, like offset printing, care label, heat-sublimation, reflective, 3D effect, PVC, gold foil heat transfer sticker. Our products are developing with a big range, from single heat transfer sticker in the beginning of foundation to raw material of heat transfer sticker, chemical ink, heat transfer machine etc.

We invested about 10 million RMB in 2007 to enlarge the coating workshop, introduce some automatic coating machine and related complete set equipment so that it came in to be a relative big improved coating assembly line production.It mainly produces self-developed PET release film that can transfer color, absorb color, peel and be anti-static, which increases stability of heat transfer printing.
Four Japan Komori offset CMYK printing machine we invested is suitable to print PET film under 150gsm. Amik drying equipment, controls digitally the indoor temperature and humidity, obeys strictly standard drying process: drying—recording time of enter drying room— recording time of getting out of drying room— cooling—collecting. This drying system of heat transfer greatly reduces the washing resistance problem of offset printing.

The automatic printing machine can do 385,000 prints with 21 production lines, which solves customers delivery problem of more modules but less quantity and more modules with more quantity. We can ship to over the world in 3-7 working days with quick delivery to meet customers’DIY needs.There are 165 workers for printing, including more than 60% of workers has more than 5-20 years experience of printing technology. They master professional heat transfer printing. Therefore, we built 2 dormitories to offer workers comfortable living environment,besides their children can live with them.

Now we have 21-year experience of heat transfer. In addition, we offer the transfer printing technology training and equipment installation and maintain training, chemical ink and PET film solution successfully for local printing factories in Vietnam and the Philippines. In the future,we will cooperate with many countries overseas for heat transfer solution like Bangladesh, India, Sri Lanka etc.