This morning, I started to update my throat. My throat is a little uncomfortable. Er, speaking of Davis. Tone of voice, don’t think about these problems, because the probability is very small, very small, whatever the reason we said in the last program, Anthony Davis is very clear now that I will not renew your contract, right? On the Celtic team, if you contact me, I will not renew your contract. I don’t need a surplus value of me in level 6. I’ll give you a fight. Right? When Owen can’t coexist, eh, I’ll change to Owen’s right ear. Do you want to ask me what’s almost right? I’m going to run away tomorrow. Owen won’t bring you any supplies. Is he crazy? Where am I.

To be specific, do you win the championship? If you don’t have the championship, you have the chance to interview, you don’t have the playoffs. What’s the money? All the teams have money. If you have money, you’re afraid that you don’t have a contract. If you ask me, if you have any questions, our first reaction is that you can trade with me. I won’t renew my contract with you anyway. All the questions he put forward are very simple. He has Anthony Davis to trade for an all star who can play in the team and is willing to play for us. No team will give them to them. I want to teach them a lesson. Young players, training, future use, right, this condition? Celtic team to meet? Can not meet

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