Let’s talk about the two hot news that we saw today. The number of hits on Tiger flutter is more than one million, and the number of messages is also too large. It means that the attention is also very high. So the first one. In any case, it is about Ward’s disclosure that he expounded several views on the Anthony Davis deal in a program. The second news was about balabalabala, a reporter from the local and times of the Rockets. The reporter reported that the Rockets were going to introduce a 3D player. The point guard has the ability of three points, which can provide the defense depth of the rocket team’s front line. So it’s the three earthlings? If this report is true, it happens to coincide with us. Ah, we always think that the friends who have heard our program always pay attention to them.

We’ve all said that if the Rockets want to play the playoffs and compete with the warriors, they must adjust or reinforce their positions in the front line. Even if you say small four and five can be right. Now, after the punishment of your second brother, the Rockets have indeed changed their appearance, and also tasted it. It’s a great rhythm to come. So, now, actively carry out these aspects of work. Not only is, um, Michael Green, but also there are many goals for a person. Obviously, nice and house are not in the scope of consideration. Well, it is possible to use one or more in the post-season games. Not half

Boston Celtics 3D iron on transfers ; Brooklyn Nets flock iron on transfer

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