If the last issue is OK, then all the eastern and Western substitutes and all stars have come out. Ah, the vigilant Lone Ranger and ernikos have successfully completed the transaction. Now, in the eight days of 7788, there will be a lot of anxiety. So let’s talk about the rating of the deal, ah, New York, Knicks, boltzinges, plus the kids, for the exchange of a generation, the lone ranger little Jordan Dennis, a mess of people and so on, will two first round signings, two first round signings are No.1 winners, are they protected. Well, the top 60 winners are protected, and then they don’t know. If there is no mark, they will think that it will be free for you, and the money will not be protected. Then, because you have three signatures this year, I believe it should be the money of this year.

After you sign up, you don’t have to drink too much. It’s not very meaningful to take it down. Most of it is a few years’ money. So, three first round, all, three Lotto money. Which champion is OK or not. Bolzingis only changed a champion to sign it. I think it’s OK to trade and grade B. If we can reach a level, ah, it depends on the record of the war, right? This year, we should not think about it

Chicago Cubs DIY iron on ; Chicago White Sox DIY iron on

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