Now it is reported that the Grizzlies are actively selling Mike Conley and Pau Gasol. As we said before, the possibility of trading is relatively low. The only possibility is that bad contracts, exchange contracts, Michael Lee and Xiaojia contracts. Cost performance, very low, very low, very low, ha, because they all need to be close to each other. If you look at the age and current state of the two people, the cost performance ratio is very low. So we can only use some bad contracts to exchange. Rotten, the contract is rumored to be the Jazz team. Lu, bio, jazz team, ready to use Rubio and the first round of signing to exchange for mccolley. I think this deal is OK. Anyway, Rubio is the same with the Jazz team. I personally think it is not enough to improve the Jazz team’s ability, because the hunger strike is now a post-season game, and the team always wants to climb to the front.

Now the problem is that the attack firepower is more than the next player. The other players can’t rely on each other. However, I think the comparison of this deal is radical and that of Mike Conley. It is true that the attack firepower of the backcourt combination is also very strong, so it is just, er, barely, that is, ah, playing a playoff can almost pass

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