I want to make a supplement because I have done a show before that the Lakers sent out four first round signings, plus some young players to exchange Anthony Davis. I personally think that we should do it and we must do it. It’s possible that there are netizens and friends who may not understand it. They will give me a lot of comments, ha, or one thing. I’m here to explain in advance. You have to know, ah, the main purpose of this player’s trading team is to trade. He is to change the current situation of the team is not known, but it is based on the condition that everyone at the same level is a fair trade, that is, what I exchange with you for what you take and what you exchange with me. These two things are equivalent, at least by analogy.

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This is a prerequisite. The so-called four first round signings. As we have said, the first round signing is uncertain. You can choose a good one or you can’t choose a good one. After you have selected it, you need time. With this, the competition will cultivate you. Right, do you have time to train him in the Laker team? Yes, the warriors have time to train him for you, so almost all of them have got the draft right to choose youth forever, and he also pays the price. He needs to spend his time training these young players. We said, these young players, together with these draft rights, the ultimate goal is to cultivate a Anthony Davis Pelican team, Anthony Davis, the cost of training should be included

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