Let’s talk about the Lakers yesterday. Ah, the fans of the Lakers will be sad. If they are sad, they will be really sad today. So, let’s first talk about Anthony Davis, ah, the evaluation of Liu Bei in this transaction. We did say that between us. Today, we will focus on it. That is, the team can be changed but not changed, and so is the Laker team. Therefore, both families can be exchanged and can not be changed. In this case, the possibility of not changing the noodles is relatively large, but they all want to take advantage of you, right? They don’t want to pay a lot, almost, they don’t want to take more advantage of you. As for the Lakers, they don’t want to over trade and excessive premium. In fact, they have a lot of initiative. Um, because they can have three time periods, Anthony Davis, education savings is now the first time period, and the second period is this summer and this summer, though.

The Laker team, ah, super offer, super 20% discount, will not sign four first round signings this summer, and there will be no zubartz, there will be, there will be no Rondo, there will be no Stevenson, although he said that he almost did not see it.

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