In the last program, we all have a common understanding. Many fans have a kind of understanding. This evaluation of Simmons is not objective, eh. We, too much praise, Simmons, then I can only say that you watch the ball too little, you are too much too little, Simmons, this player, in addition to the projection ability deviation, under the circumstances, all technical characteristics are available, all technical indicators are excellent fist. It’s excellent. Among the players at such an age stage, to be impeccable, to be impeccable, to be impeccable. In comparison with that of Ross, James, and MVP players, Russia had never been able to shoot accurately at that time. They were all good at layup breakthroughs.

Long Bo is accurate, Rondo is not allowed, and screws are not allowed, right? Russia’s advantage is strong breakthrough ability, early killing, strong ability. This is his advantage. Rondo’s advantage is strong organizational ability. There is no projection. You have seen long dota championship. Do you have projection? No, his medium and long-distance distance is very poor. Of course, it is better than Simmons now. But in terms of organizational ability, long, duo ah, among the second grade freshmen, do you have Simmons’ potential? Simmons, up to now, has an average of 17 points per game. Nine rebounds, eight assists, and only 11 shots per game. The percentage of hits is more than 50%. What is the shooting rate of wulongduo? His career shooting rate is about 4 times 5 to 46. Right? We play this position at the same time, although Simmons is organizing small forwards to make 11 shots. Change to the number of shots that curry has now

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