So, in a few years, Jordan, Jordan, in those years, I felt that it was, er, quite touching. It felt like a world away. Ah, that year, I remember that year, it was also, ah, classic. At that time, it was all star.

Well, it’s a bit of a story. I remember correctly that year’s Carter sanlianzhuang. 000102, sanlianzhuang’s winner should have started in the East. The first place in the East was Carter. The other was Carter. So, Carter should have occupied Jordan’s position at that time. This, I remember, is the center, there is a position, and then two programs, a position, two guards, a position, and the concept of center, ah, now it is the front court and the back field. Without this concept of the center, they are all mixed together, so the back field is relatively poor. Ah, the back field is not enough. You can still smile, right. How can I and curry be divided? These three people are so excellent. How to divide the three MVPs? Bitter is just encouraging the bitter. Lillard is destined to be a tragedy. There is no way. But we will not forget him. So, excellent, player, you, can only achieve this historical achievement now. It’s really a little hungry. This kind of, er, sad, that is to say, Carter was very, very gentlemanly at that time. They gave the first all star to Jordan

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