There was a report that said, well, green wants to be in the arms of Richie Paul. Ah, some netizens began to clamor that green would join the Laker camp. So for this market. At this time, I personally feel that there is a bit of wrong understanding. Then Paul is not James, and he is not a puppet of James, right? This is just a relationship between the agent and the player. If the two people want to start a company together, it is also a matter of profit distribution, right? Green should come on. Murich, Paul, the embrace of, um, to change the family, this is also the interest, driven also for their own, career can earn more money, pave the way, why change the agent, right? Since the price of this kind of star is certainly not small, right, compared with the current income of 16001000 in green.

One million, right? It’s no more than a lot of this embarrassing situation, ah, played out 30 million, but only earned half of the salary. Ah, there must be some ideas. So it is an objective fact that the warriors will disintegrate and it will inevitably happen, such as Thompson green. Yes, when I make money, it’s in this period of time, that is, in my career. After this period of time, I have no chance

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