In the last program, we also had to watch, er, the gods, the big B and the big men. We predicted that you would have to see this tendency. The tendency of the series is, er, combining the last few and the final score, ah, the tendency is that 4-0 means sweeping and pressing. You can see the process of the game, right? Sometimes there is a half court to turn the opponent over. On the contrary, it’s more normal to let the opponent win, because competitive sports are accidental. You have to remember that, right? Then you say that you want the big V to open them up and predict. In fact, they are very reluctant. I can tell you that they are very unwilling, right? You.

You can guess the score of a match is 4:1, you are 4:14:24:3, are you right? Turn it over again, 4:04:14:20p, 3, continue to calculate, there are several possibilities, that is, 1 / 6 of this possibility, right or wrong, but it is tedious and extremely wrong, that is fist. You can think it’s all wrong, maybe. Finally, you can have a look. The final score may be all wrong. Maybe it’s all wrong, right? Well, but you can see the last team that appeared. You can see the tendency, right? You can only see the tendency, right. No, how big is the gap between the strength of the team he thinks? For example, some netizens think that the Nuggets beat the Spurs 4-2, right? Four others see it. Then we say that the Spurs beat the Jazz team and the Nuggets 4-1. I’m sorry to turn to the Nuggets. So it proves that all the hard disks of your series are wrong, and there is no right point. Is there any problem, right? Let’s not say the victory or defeat. What is the process? You can guess that the warriors and the Clippers swept away 4-4-0.

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