Let’s talk about this game. Ah, today’s basketball and tennis team’s match ended successfully with a big score of three. I think those, skeleton photos, ah, er, the nets can basically stop for a while, ah, the leading advantage of 3-1, its own strength is not good, isn’t it, the score is far behind, ah, it’s hard to laugh. It’s very rare, and people have their own strength, right? Well, let’s talk about it by accident, because our own series match, er, our personal judgment is to reach a record of four to one, and you are not qualified. In fact, it’s always ugly, I think.

A game, right? Of course we also, speaking of HA, you don’t think the nets will lead a 4-0 sweep, right? You haven’t said it, right? Listen to my friend. Give me a witness. In fact, we all mentioned the key points in the first round of the series, right? Some things are in. Well, after the first game, some things are in the second operation. Ah, every move is verified to be correct. Ah, every prediction is justified. Ah, and it has been verified, right? Well, for example, a few people, the nets, the series, the last three games of the game.

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