Durant’s side, ah, began to repay the wechat business. It’s right to leave Wei Shao. Ah, how smelly it is to smile at me, how smelly it is to smile at me. Love is too mean heart. It’s really mean heart of Durant.

Do you need to belittle Wei Shao to reflect yourself? Oh, I don’t understand, right? Don’t say you are not Durant fans. Are you guys feeling your conscience, are you Durant fans. Who, go to Harvey little, you anime, are very poor, too small-minded, ah, need, I want to ask you need, ah, you attack each other ah black James Black Durant kuriharden and so on. You attack each other, belittle your opponents, elevate yourself, stupidity, that’s stupid. Ah, we say we only flatter each other. To tell you, let’s just say that, suppose, James fans, right, we only know wanton slander, curry. Durant, ah, what’s good for him? It’s not good. Isn’t it good? Do you want to raise Durant, raise Kuri, and so on, to show his greatness is the same, ah, go to black James all day and night, right.

Jiamusi, the more black you are, the more you can surpass him. I just want to ask these Curie Durant, weishao Hadden and so on. These fans can only be said to be the opposite, right? Can you raise yourself? You can’t raise yourself, can you? Only let James have a higher position. You can have a higher status. Is this the truth? Do you understand this? Why is it selfish? How many points has it reached? You are too small-minded and have no tolerance

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