Let’s talk about it, Wei, Shao, talk about thunder. In fact, the previous programs have said that, ah, when you hit 2:0. Thunder’s winning way, winning mode, grey scoring mode, winning mode is to see the high score, don’t be dragged down by triple double data, ah, 30 plus you can win the game, every time the game verifies our statement, right? I don’t want to. What do those fake fans have to argue about? My hands are swollen when they are playing in Dalian. My hands are swollen. Do you know? Well, let’s say, ah, this smile is the first one to leave us this season. It’s OK for superstars, right? No problem every day.

Well, I don’t know what kind of mentality I use for the money. From this perspective, I think it’s just plain. I don’t feel sad. I’m not Lei tingqiong. I’m not wechat. I’m not any star. Fans, you have to include someone who said I’m a James fan. James didn’t play in the playoffs this year. Are we sad? I’m not sad at all, right? We’ll still do the same as we do when James retires. Ah, look, we’ll do it or not. What’s the excitement? There’s no excitement. There’s no excitement. The Blazers win What’s the excitement, ah, no excitement, Lillard, ah, such a crazy performance, excited or not excited, because, loriyad has always been such a player, we have psychological expectations. Yes, I have a premonition that, um, it’s normal, because for example, today Iraq said, “ah, 35 points, ah, kill thunder.” I believe that today’s 50 point victory of thunder, I also believe it. If you want to say that Lori has 50 points today, I can’t kill magic.

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