Let’s talk about the Spurs and the Nuggets. A netizen called us three to three when they asked us questions. In fact, we talked about it before, right or wrong. When we started to play with the eight character short of gold.

It’s very unlikely that we will be overturned if we say something is different, right? But if you want to find one or two teams that have made the following offenses every year, you can say, yes, that’s amazing. Even if you can guess, you have the level, right? At the beginning of the season. At the beginning of the playoffs, did we say that the Spurs and the Nuggets were very worried about the Nuggets. Unfortunately, we were right when we saw them. Now, if we want to fight for seven and grab seven, it means winning and losing. Half of the Spurs are so old, ah, you tell them to play three layers. Well, 70% of you are expensive. You only have 30% above. According to our understanding, my personal understanding is that the Spurs have a 70% probability of promotion. However, it’s half and half in other people’s side. In my place, it’s vacuuming, because I’m afraid of the Spurs. I’ve been flustered by the Spurs for so many years. The team that won the Spurs in the seven snatches, that is, can you think of the number that can be counted out? The Lakers seem to have, no, no, remember, right? We played the Mavericks, we won each other, and we said before, the clippers, Paul that year, in fact, this game ah, Paul clippers.

Playing the Spurs, the strong spirit should be strong, yes, I hope not to be hit in the face and say wrong, I remember that Griffin in a game clearly can receive the last few goals of the game, ah, consecutive mistakes, good, but finally forced to drag in

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