About the Bucks, the game, about the Bucks, player ah Bradshaw, before, do a program about bucks on the Celtic team. Well, some netizens have expressed different views on us, which is very good, very good. We like this kind of discussion. Let’s recall. Ah, I’ll have a look at it. How many people think that bradeso, the Bucks, is a four-year 70 million deal. It’s not very cost-effective. Although I’d like to talk about my personal opinion, I don’t say who has the highest level, who has the lowest level, and who can see the film correctly. The film is right. 70 million yuan in four years is 17.5 million yuan a year, right? If it’s 18 million yuan, it’s 7000.

Right? 17.5 million is the league today. What can we do? Let’s make a simple calculation. Generally speaking, what can we do? We can, think about, ah, bucks. We, say, I personally think that we all look at this matter from my personal point of view. I personally think that the Bucks want to become a very competitive team in the east or the whole league to win the championship in the future. Ah, can we get the Middleton contract this year? We don’t say that you only rely on the alphabet kokumbo, ah, it’s not enough. The Middleton contract is basically cheap and small. It’s true that the Bucks spent a small amount of money. But in the question of bradsox, can you believe the letters, gokunbo and Middleton and bradeso can dominate the NBA? How old is Bradshaw in the next three to five years.

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