Everyone on the Raptors, ah, this game is very good, oh, although there are not many fans, right? Well, I also think the misty poetry is true and false. I’m sorry that its owner is even more so. Now it’s lost. Ah, as the name of a strong team, ah, it’s true, right? But we have to say that if the Raptors really make it to the finals, are you a little bit out of sight? It’s just like the pistons in those days. In the finals, ah, a lot of fans are looking away, that such a team plays the finals, ah, can’t imagine, but you have to see, oh, the pistons in those years, ah, the front turn over is the net, right? The front has played in the finals for two years, the net is against the back.

Just come out of the fans, play this and that, his record has been very good, including the playoffs, of course, we do not say that we must win the eastern championship, or the record is good, it is not like this, we should also see that the long-term stable performance of the Raptors in recent years is also very good, right? You have to say if this year. The dinosaur team has reached the finals. Do you think the Raptors are a wall? Yes, these so-called fans of raptors? Do you think that you have lost your sight? Now we will not talk about one game, right. It’s a little too early to talk about a single game rotation theory. If this series, hazy, 4-1, 4-4, 2-bar or even 4-0, takes away the relatives, ah, you don’t think that the 76ers are very poor, but you should think that so and so is very strong, you should.

See clearly that he is a brand new team. Today, a friend and I talked about one thing. He said that he really felt that since James left, the pattern of the East has changed, and many teams have become stronger.

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