I have watched the first game of bucks and Celtics. I have watched it carefully. Well, the intuitive feeling of this man is still compared with that we didn’t watch before. Data, feeling, ah, almost, almost. Then, the game was further refined, and then the road repair team took the outside line. BAM, bang, bang, several three points were all missed. Ah, today’s shooting was in a mess, and started to play inside and down. He hoarse as like as two peas in the basket. He is so deep in the basket that he is so deep that he has no idea how to fight. He never knows how to fight so deep. Right, he hits the side here. He shoots very hard and keeps his distance.

This, this, the ability of the fund to rely on investment must be there, right? But they are not prepared. Ah, it’s so simple, so easy, so happy. Suddenly, he didn’t spray for a few rounds, and then he came across a breakthrough, wrapped in this. Starting from the outside of the three-point line, I haven’t met. This is a two-color, home front record. Well, if it’s either a break or a mistake, just say it’s not a normal game. To be honest, this is not a normal game. Professional athletes are not so stupid in the case of joint defense or regional networking, right? Well, the coach didn’t arrange it at the beginning. Well, I think the coach’s problem is particularly serious. It doesn’t have much to do with the players.

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