New York time, at 2:45 on June 10, the first match of the German Cup semi-final, a game behind the road 3-0 eliminated the D-class team salbrucken, and for the first time since 2009, he has reached the second place in the final, alario bellaraby,

Like Neil. Bayern and Frankfurt will compete for another final place tomorrow. The black horse salbr ü Ken is the first top team to reach the last four of the German Cup, and has eliminated two first-class teams and two second-class teams. However, due to the regional league has not been restarted, the team has not played an official match for 94 days. In the league, the rankings, salbrucken, the record attached to the body of 52nd, the final frame in the 3-0 pharmaceutical factory to reach the final for the fourth time.

Charla, NIA reports that the Los Angeles Lakers are interested in getting, trading, getting, star of the wizards, Bradley, bill and the Wizards last year extended a two-year $72 million contract early, but that didn’t work. Bill has repeatedly been involved in trade rumors. Today, the famous NBA reporter chaidanya disclosed in his blog that although the wizards, the team, and will offer peel a super, top salary renewal contract, there is no guarantee that bill will sign this contract with the wizards, if Bill refuses the subject matter.

Super, top, then there are many teams in the league, they will try to fight for it. Bill karania revealed that the Los Angeles Lakers got bill through trading at different time points, but the team did not have enough bargaining chips. Bill’s salary for next season is 28.75 million dollars.

In the two seasons, Bill’s salary was $34.5 million and $37.62 million respectively. The 2022-23 season was the player’s option. The only team interested in bill was the Laker’s uniform. Recently, New York media reported that the nets had also discussed how to get it through trading. And hope, let him and Durant Owen form a big three.

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