Heat transfer printing technology has been used in fabric heat transfer printing for a long time. With the rapid development of high technology, heat transfer printing technology has been widely used. There are two types of ink: heat press transfer type and heat sublimation transfer type.

There will be some problems in printing and pressing. How to solve these problems?

·Why the logo is not firm when it is printed and pressed.

  1. It may be because your machine temperature setting is not enough.
  2. During the stamping process, the pressure is not strong enough.

·Why is the pattern color not ideal after printing and pressing.

·It may be that during the transfer process, too much pressure will cause the pattern to be damaged and blurred. Too light pressure will make the pattern color not obvious.

The imagine area varies greatly and the transfer pressure is differential—–Make the press higher with big imagine. It is better to put the Teflon sheet on the t-shirt.

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